The Answer is Obvious

Friday, September 20th, 2013



The pilgrim approached the Sphinx
On a windswept mountain pass
The sphinx said “here’s the dealy-o –
What walks on four legs in the morning
Two legs at noon and three at night.
Answer me true and I will set you free.”
The pilgrim scratched his head, scratched his balls
Chewed gum, Googled it, blew a doobie
Decided he’d wing it, coughed and said
“The American Democracy”.
The Spinx said –

“lucky guess, motherfucker”


It Burns

Friday, June 7th, 2013

It burns
the lights burn all night
in a town’where no one
lives let alone sleeps
the constant hustle
for buck and dime
it burns
the stupid burns
the acid of
the zero sum game
the pillars
the odds are stacked
the house always wins
in every game
not just in the house
it burns
it’s so unfair
she’ll sling cocktails
till her kness give out
her kids are cornered
their schools are broken
it burns
she’s sucking cock
to make the rent
he’s shooting his pension
over her cheek
he’s filming
she’s on porntube
her kid will see it
it burns.

American Crush

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

crush that bug
crush that cigarette
crush that can
crush that junker car
crush the bone
crush those bills
crush your enemies
crush the competition

crush islam
crush the gays
crush the liberals
crush the unions
crush the city
crush the farmer
crush the gangs
crush the dealers

crush the workers
crush the family
crush the rich
crush the churches
crush the infrastructure
crush the institutions
crush the president
crush the spirit.

The Sailor

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Every morning
the fisherman
kissed his wife
and headed out
to sea.

He lived in North Las Vegas.

My Thunderbolt

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

My thunderbolt
cracks a black blue sky
across interstate 15.
Heading out to Barstow
across mythical Death Valley,
the bright lights of Las Vegas
dim in my rearview.
Dry ligthning, the sky is on fire.

Barstow to LA
is one one five in miles.
Meeting a chinese dude at the airport –
he’s gonna want coke and women.
I don’t do that shit.
I dont handle those kinds of details.
I just drive.
I don’t make conversation.

I get him drunk, have him sign the papers,
find him a tall black tranny hooker.
Dump him at
the Huntington Hotel.

The Chosen Few (or: the Ballad of E and Jackson)

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

The Chosen Few
in blood, cross and chains.
Prviate members
and guests only.
The retching chemical
stench of meth
on low, slow, hot
Las Vegas night.

Go Man, Go

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

I’m flying a plane into a building
go, man go.
I’m beating the shit out of my girlfriend
go, man, go
I’m invited to perform at an award ceremony
I’m fucking the brains out of 72 virgins
I’m yolo I’m breezy I’m ignoring the haters

I’m writing on line because I have an opinion
go, man go
I’m stock piling guns and one day I’ll make ’em listen
go, man, go
I’m shooting on the beltway, I hunting for Kony
I’ve got a mental age of 9 but in Texas, that’s a needle
I’m voting Democrat because I have sins of omission

I’ve declared myself a Delaware corporation
go, man, go
I’m legally allowed to marry my alsatian
go, man, go
My children are searched for guns at school
fuck silver medals, that queered my deal
My government kills to keeps its secrets from me

But where can I

Kool Aid

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

The only way to
douse a burning liberal
is with the kool-aid.

The blazing fires
of raging indignation
no water can slay.

Their superior
self granted morality
needs constantly

to be refreshed by
another shot of self worth
to maintain the rage.

Summer will be hot,
but the fires of fall will mean
more kool aid for all.

God Fearing Emotional Wreck for President!!!

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Gonna tear down the ghetto

and replace it with a SuperChurch
Gonna tear down the SuperChurch
and replace it with a MegaMall
Then I’ll rip down the mega mall
and replace it with CountryClub
Then I’ll burn that sucker down
and replace it with CondoMiniums
and a slick Marina with a boardwalk
that captures the easy going charms
of a now long lost America
where people felt safe
and kids could play out in the street
without perverts, bangers or religious ministers
Snatching them up and putting them into cults.
Gonna cut the guts out of our automakers
and replace them with casino executives
or coked up tv programmers
who roll the dice and let Courtney Cox’s
50 year old vajazzled cunt dance
across our prime time screens
gonna burn down the old money newspapers
and outsource truth to India
pay a toothtless crone a stipend
just to suck Bill O’Reily’s cock dry
every time he says the word “democrat”
to relive the oncoming apoplexy
gonna pay a drunken bum a dollar a day
to pretend that he’s the president
and if we close our eyes we’ll see no real change
from the last loser we had.
Gonna dump the west Coast in the Ocean
light a match and explode the Gulf Coast
tell the East Coast to fuck itself
all them self-absorbed, fake New York bitches
then douse the place in gasoline
and send them all to hell.
I’m gonna raise a platform up to reason,
cut the legs off old religion
bury the gun nuts neck deep
in the desert of their impotence.
destroy all SocialMedia
and replace to all with education.
make the welfare jackasses
work on road gangs fixing highways –
tax the the trash who send jobs away
muild a wall across the border,
send marines into Sonora,
hang the drug lords like Mussolini!
Some motherfuckers have to die,
some motherfuckers have to die.
Blood cries out for blood today
on the torn streets of America.

I pity you

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

With your
invented life which you parade for the approval of strangers

And all
your faith placed in the self-serving praise of a mob

If all 
you have to sustain yourself is sad self-loathing and hubris

…and the fragile delusion of a non-existent vision –
I pity you.

If you’re
so fucked up that your twisted vision of desire is sustaining you

And you
think these people love you cause you scratch their backs while they scratch yours

And if
you really believe that spouting fashionable causes makes you credible

…if you’re that desperate for attention from all of those idiots –
I pity you

As you
stumble in the rut repeating as and when it’s required of you

and your
tiny little burglaries of others’ work continues unseen

then I 
know that you strut naked ‘neath the obfuscating clouds, but your ugliness

…still it permeates the room while you fuss and preen your locks, oh how
I pity you.

…while you fool yourself your betters are jealous of your gifts
I pity you.